Game 158: TSBL

Pittsburgh Blow ( - ) at Philadelphia Stars ( - )

Team W L Pct. Streak L10 RS RA Home/Away Unknown Vs L/R Vs Div Lead7 Tie7 Lose7 1-Run Extra Inn
Pittsburgh Blow
Philadelphia Stars

Pittsburgh Blow
Philadelphia Stars
Starter: Lee,Bill, L (17 - 9), 3.95Starter: Barr,Jim, R (13 - 14), 3.06
Batting Lineup vs lhp
Position Player Statistics % Used
1 Second BaseLacy,Lee PA:102 OBP:.376 SLG:.484
2 Third BaseRoberts,Dave PA:40 OBP:.462 SLG:.548
3 Center FieldBaker,Dusty PA:218 OBP:.372 SLG:.489
4 First BaseStargell,Willie PA:205 OBP:.366 SLG:.527
5 Left FieldSpikes,Charlie PA:193 OBP:.356 SLG:.531
6 Right FieldSmith,Reggie PA:256 OBP:.375 SLG:.478
7 Designated HitterHorton,Willie PA:198 OBP:.283 SLG:.463
8 CatcherFreehan,Bill PA:152 OBP:.349 SLG:.410
9 ShortstopGilbreath,Rod PA:93 OBP:.363 SLG:.402

Batting Lineup vs rhp
Position Player Statistics % Used
1 Second BaseCarew,Rod PA:393 OBP:.455 SLG:.539
2 Left FieldHisle,Larry PA:175 OBP:.351 SLG:.497
Utility 1Briggs,Johnny PA:304 OBP:.393 SLG:.39335%
3 Right FieldStaub,Rusty PA:439 OBP:.383 SLG:.482
4 Third BaseCey,Ron PA:508 OBP:.357 SLG:.462
5 First BasePerez,Tony PA:387 OBP:.346 SLG:.467
6 Center FieldFord,Dan PA:266 OBP:.341 SLG:.488
7 Designated HitterKranepool,Ed PA:305 OBP:.380 SLG:.424
Utility 1Johnson,Deron PA:418 OBP:.301 SLG:.37810%
8 CatcherTenace,Gene PA:429 OBP:.379 SLG:.397
Utility 1Hosley,Tim PA:117 OBP:.436 SLG:.49525%
9 ShortstopTyson,Mike PA:219 OBP:.332 SLG:.350

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