Game 159: TSBL

Cleveland Steamers ( - ) at California Corporals ( - )

Team W L Pct. Streak L10 RS RA Home/Away Unknown Vs L/R Vs Div Lead7 Tie7 Lose7 1-Run Extra Inn
Cleveland Steamers
California Corporals

Cleveland Steamers
California Corporals
Starter: Hughes,Jim, R (16 - 14), 3.82Starter: Lolich,Mickey, L (12 - 18), 3.78
Batting Lineup vs rhp
Position Player Statistics % Used
1 Center FieldMorales,Jerry PA:474 OBP:.321 SLG:.379
2 Second BaseTrillo,Manny PA:452 OBP:.308 SLG:.307
3 Right FieldStanton,Leroy PA:278 OBP:.333 SLG:.434
4 First BaseScott,George PA:481 OBP:.352 SLG:.559
5 Left FieldRudi,Joe PA:359 OBP:.314 SLG:.491
6 Designated HitterBurroughs,Jeff PA:488 OBP:.293 SLG:.382
7 Third BaseBando,Sal PA:467 OBP:.323 SLG:.377
8 CatcherYeager,Steve PA:384 OBP:.286 SLG:.342
Utility 1May,Milt PA:367 OBP:.293 SLG:.32010%
9 ShortstopSmalley,Roy PA:187 OBP:.290 SLG:.293

Batting Lineup vs lhp
Position Player Statistics % Used
1 Second BaseFuentes,Tito PA:189 OBP:.326 SLG:.436
2 ShortstopYount,Robin PA:189 OBP:.342 SLG:.386
3 First BaseKusick,Craig PA:91 OBP:.418 SLG:.473
4 Center FieldHendrick,George PA:223 OBP:.347 SLG:.513
5 CatcherWockenfuss,John PA:50 OBP:.367 SLG:.578
6 Third BaseTorre,Joe PA:183 OBP:.350 SLG:.464
7 Right FieldRobinson,Bill PA:147 OBP:.310 SLG:.466
8 Left FieldGarr,Ralph PA:268 OBP:.335 SLG:.404
9 Designated HitterBraun,Steve PA:132 OBP:.344 SLG:.358

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