Game 160: TSBL

Houston Wehaveaproblem ( - ) at Escapees from Alcatraz ( - )

Team W L Pct. Streak L10 RS RA Home/Away Unknown Vs L/R Vs Div Lead7 Tie7 Lose7 1-Run Extra Inn
Houston Wehaveaproblem
Escapees from Alcatraz

Houston Wehaveaproblem
Escapees from Alcatraz
Starter: Gullett,Don, L (15 - 4), 2.42Starter: Hunter,Catfish, R (23 - 14), 2.58
Batting Lineup vs lhp
Position Player Statistics % Used
1 First BaseHarper,Tommy PA:206 OBP:.373 SLG:.362
Platoon PlayerChambliss,Chris PA:388 OBP:.361 SLG:.470
2 Second BaseRandle,Len PA:208 OBP:.363 SLG:.421
3 Center FieldCedeno,Cesar PA:166 OBP:.376 SLG:.455
4 Designated HitterLuzinski,Greg PA:129 OBP:.419 SLG:.573
5 Right FieldBonds,Bobby PA:246 OBP:.366 SLG:.507
6 ShortstopSpeier,Chris PA:220 OBP:.397 SLG:.420
7 Third BaseSoderholm,Eric PA:171 OBP:.398 SLG:.532
8 CatcherEtchebarren,Andy PA:57 OBP:.491 SLG:.432
Platoon PlayerOates,Johnny PA:304 OBP:.350 SLG:.347
9 Left FieldBrown,Ollie PA:96 OBP:.385 SLG:.557

Batting Lineup vs rhp
Position Player Statistics % Used
1 Second BaseOrta,Jorge PA:435 OBP:.387 SLG:.505
Platoon PlayerAndrews,Rob PA:103 OBP:.353 SLG:.367
Defensive SubAndrews,Rob PA:218 OBP:.289 SLG:.246
2 Right FieldCardenal,Jose PA:488 OBP:.374 SLG:.387
3 Left FieldFairly,Ron PA:227 OBP:.463 SLG:.524
4 First BaseGarvey,Steve PA:535 OBP:.355 SLG:.470
5 Third BaseEvans,Darrell PA:425 OBP:.375 SLG:.441
6 Designated HitterSolaita,Tony PA:242 OBP:.361 SLG:.473
7 Center FieldGeronimo,Cesar PA:434 OBP:.352 SLG:.412
8 CatcherGrote,Jerry PA:272 OBP:.335 SLG:.355
9 ShortstopBelanger,Mark PA:385 OBP:.290 SLG:.277

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