Game 155: TSBL

Kansas City Monarchs ( - ) at Chicago Gangstas ( - )

Team W L Pct. Streak L10 RS RA Home/Away Unknown Vs L/R Vs Div Lead7 Tie7 Lose7 1-Run Extra Inn
Kansas City Monarchs
Chicago Gangstas

Kansas City Monarchs
Chicago Gangstas
Starter: Tanana,Frank, L (16 - 9), 2.62Starter: Strom,Brent, L (8 - 8), 2.54
Batting Lineup vs lhp
Position Player Statistics % Used
1 Right FieldFoster,George PA:194 OBP:.340 SLG:.503
2 CatcherPorter,Darrell PA:113 OBP:.375 SLG:.462
Defensive SubSundberg,Jim PA:167 OBP:.297 SLG:.280
3 ShortstopHarrah,Toby PA:188 OBP:.422 SLG:.442
4 Designated HitterJohnstone,Jay PA:13 OBP:.538 SLG:.500
5 Left FieldMatthews,Gary PA:202 OBP:.396 SLG:.437
6 Center FieldOtis,Amos PA:187 OBP:.366 SLG:.444
Defensive SubWhite,Jerry PA:16 OBP:.313 SLG:.375
7 Third BaseBrett,George PA:237 OBP:.343 SLG:.431
Defensive SubRobinson,Brooks PA:125 OBP:.331 SLG:.321
8 First BaseMorales,Jose PA:122 OBP:.361 SLG:.367
Platoon PlayerMontanez,Willie PA:404 OBP:.361 SLG:.440
Defensive SubMuser,Tony PA:31 OBP:.167 SLG:.138
9 Second BaseDoyle,Denny PA:30 OBP:.345 SLG:.370
Platoon PlayerDaVanon,Jerry PA:87 OBP:.425 SLG:.466

1Pinch Hitter vs LHPMota,Manny PA:25 OBP:.500 SLG:.389
1Pinch Hitter vs RHPWallis,Joe PA:42 OBP:.452 SLG:.632
2Pinch Hitter vs RHPDaVanon,Jerry PA:87 OBP:.425 SLG:.466
Batting Lineup vs lhp
Position Player Statistics % Used
1 Center FieldNorth,Billy PA:195 OBP:.396 SLG:.402
2 ShortstopBowa,Larry PA:116 OBP:.391 SLG:.543
3 Left FieldRose,Pete PA:226 OBP:.381 SLG:.413
4 First BaseWatson,Bob PA:151 OBP:.424 SLG:.555
5 CatcherJohnson,Cliff PA:130 OBP:.431 SLG:.496
6 Right FieldSingleton,Ken PA:158 OBP:.376 SLG:.396
7 Designated HitterGross,Greg PA:151 OBP:.352 SLG:.308
8 Third BaseTerrell,Jerry PA:184 OBP:.315 SLG:.368
9 Second BaseThomas,Derrel PA:267 OBP:.340 SLG:.352

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