Game 161: TSBL

Milwaukee Ragin Bovine ( - ) at New York Metropolitans ( - )

Team W L Pct. Streak L10 RS RA Home/Away Unknown Vs L/R Vs Div Lead7 Tie7 Lose7 1-Run Extra Inn
Milwaukee Ragin Bovine
New York Metropolitans

Milwaukee Ragin Bovine
New York Metropolitans
Starter: Forsch,Bob, R (15 - 10), 2.86Starter: Torrez,Mike, R (20 - 9), 3.06
Batting Lineup vs rhp
Position Player Statistics % Used
1 Second BaseCash,Dave PA:623 OBP:.343 SLG:.367
2 ShortstopConcepcion,Dave PA:379 OBP:.335 SLG:.357
3 Right FieldJackson,Reggie PA:457 OBP:.370 SLG:.617
4 CatcherMunson,Thurman PA:408 OBP:.358 SLG:.436
5 Left FieldWynn,Jimmy PA:365 OBP:.365 SLG:.428
6 First BaseMay,Lee PA:473 OBP:.296 SLG:.410
Utility 1Oglivie,Ben PA:261 OBP:.327 SLG:.43111%
7 Designated HitterKelly,Pat PA:448 OBP:.357 SLG:.420
Utility 1Locklear,Gene PA:219 OBP:.367 SLG:.41733%
8 Third BaseBell,Buddy PA:395 OBP:.297 SLG:.306
9 Center FieldRivers,Mickey PA:388 OBP:.307 SLG:.349

1Pinch Hitter vs RHPLocklear,Gene PA:219 OBP:.367 SLG:.417
2Pinch Hitter vs RHPVail,Mike PA:109 OBP:.358 SLG:.404
3Pinch Hitter vs RHPOglivie,Ben PA:261 OBP:.327 SLG:.431
4Pinch Hitter vs RHPCabell,Enos PA:222 OBP:.302 SLG:.370
Batting Lineup vs rhp
Position Player Statistics % Used
1 Second BaseLowenstein,John PA:281 OBP:.317 SLG:.416
2 Left FieldYastrzemski,Carl PA:472 OBP:.403 SLG:.443
3 Center FieldLynn,Fred PA:447 OBP:.428 SLG:.611
4 CatcherBench,Johnny PA:429 OBP:.364 SLG:.522
Utility 1Varney,Pete PA:79 OBP:.316 SLG:.4135%
5 First BaseCooper,Cecil PA:281 OBP:.366 SLG:.581
6 Third BaseNettles,Graig PA:386 OBP:.335 SLG:.456
7 Designated HitterOliva,Tony PA:350 OBP:.383 SLG:.439
Utility 1May,Carlos PA:389 OBP:.383 SLG:.39710%
8 Right FieldWinfield,Dave PA:418 OBP:.308 SLG:.376
9 ShortstopVeryzer,Tom PA:290 OBP:.309 SLG:.356

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