Pitching Rotation Lineup vs. LHP Lineup vs. RHP

Batting Lineup vs lhp
Position Player Statistics % Used
1 ShortstopBonifacio,Emilio PA:35 OBP:.176 SLG:.235
Platoon PlayerFlores,Wilmer PA:403 OBP:.279 SLG:.358
2 Second BaseZobrist,Ben PA:171 OBP:.409 SLG:.517
3 Third BaseDonaldson,Josh PA:138 OBP:.391 SLG:.632
4 Right FieldUpton,Justin PA:121 OBP:.258 SLG:.300
5 CatcherGattis,Evan PA:213 OBP:.277 SLG:.442
6 Designated HitterSantana,Carlos PA:228 OBP:.382 SLG:.374
7 Left FieldCrawford,Carl PA:30 OBP:.345 SLG:.333
8 First BaseValencia,Danny PA:149 OBP:.376 SLG:.458
Platoon PlayerAdams,Matt PA:159 OBP:.283 SLG:.400
9 Center FieldEllsbury,Jacoby PA:173 OBP:.327 SLG:.325

1Pinch Hitter vs RHPAdams,Matt PA:159 OBP:.283 SLG:.400
2Pinch Hitter vs RHPInciarte,Ender PA:411 OBP:.369 SLG:.457

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