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Batting Lineup vs lhp
Position Player Statistics % Used
1 Center FieldRivers,Mickey PA:284 OBP:.363 SLG:.373
2 Second BaseCash,Dave PA:143 OBP:.413 SLG:.477
3 Left FieldWynn,Jimmy PA:164 OBP:.488 SLG:.391
4 Right FieldJackson,Reggie PA:212 OBP:.241 SLG:.296
5 Third BaseBell,Buddy PA:224 OBP:.392 SLG:.505
6 CatcherMunson,Thurman PA:253 OBP:.379 SLG:.417
7 First BaseMay,Lee PA:153 OBP:.346 SLG:.471
8 Designated HitterLocklear,Gene PA:44 OBP:.432 SLG:.553
Utility 1Vail,Mike PA:62 OBP:.306 SLG:.4484%
9 ShortstopConcepcion,Dave PA:179 OBP:.307 SLG:.346

1Pinch Hitter vs LHPKelly,Pat PA:90 OBP:.337 SLG:.333
2Pinch Hitter vs LHPHerrmann,Ed PA:14 OBP:.357 SLG:.308
3Pinch Hitter vs LHPVail,Mike PA:62 OBP:.306 SLG:.448
4Pinch Hitter vs LHPCabell,Enos PA:152 OBP:.305 SLG:.358

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