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SFMBL - Sidd Finch Memorial Baseball League
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Former BBBL Owner Joins the SFMBL

Reported by: San Francisco Chronicle
Hometown paper of the: San Francisco TITANS, owned by Dustin Adams
Posted on Apr 19 at 09:47 ET

San Francisco Titans Primary Logo
SAN FRANCISCO, CA (SAP): After a four year hiatus, former Houston Shock owner of the BBBL, Dustin Adams has taken over ownership of a SFMBL franchise. The former JAX MIGHTY WHITEY’S, were acquired in a multi-team deal that also sees Adams taking control of the AHBL franchise, NINE TURTLE STACK. The details of the purchases are not known at this time, but Adams brings 11 years of experience to the SFMBL franchise. Ownership officially took control late last week, and decided to keep the team in San Francisco, becoming the SAN FRANCISCO TITANS. “It’s an exciting time for me personally,” Adams said. “ I have let my other interests take me away from my longtime passion of baseball, and viewed this as an opportunity to renew that interest. And it’s great to see so many familiar owners in the SFMBL.” Having gotten his start in the front office of the Houston Astros, Adams had hoped to move the team to Houston to replace the recently relocated Shock. “I love Houston, and really wanted to bring a team back to the city, but that wasn’t in the cards at this time. San Francisco is an amazing city with one of the best facilities in the game. And let’s not forget about the fans. I mean, where else will they spend the entire afternoon in a kayak hoping for a baseball!” The TITANS are schedule to kick off the season this weekend, and tickets are still available. Uniforms, rosters and game day promotional schedule are expected to be in place by opening day.

Trade completed between Garden State Warriors and Anheuser Gryphons

SFMBL HEADQUARTERS (SAP): A trade has been completed between Garden State Warriors and Anheuser Gryphons:
Garden State Warriors receives Berrios,Jose from Anheuser Gryphons
Garden State Warriors receives Snell,Blake from Anheuser Gryphons
Anheuser Gryphons receives
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Trade completed between Anheuser Gryphons and Pittsfield Goofballs

SFMBL HEADQUARTERS (SAP): A trade has been completed between Anheuser Gryphons and Pittsfield Goofballs:
Pittsfield Goofballs receives Ramos,A.J. from Anheuser Gryphons
Anheuser Gryphons receives Pick 139 from Pittsfield Goofballs
Anheuser Gryphons had no comment on the trade at the time it was released.

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