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Trade creates clubhouse friction

Reported by: Stormton Screamer
Hometown paper of the: Storm Damaje, owned by steve sturm
Posted on Jan 22 at 14:41 ET


A trade between the Damaje and Dodgers created a rift in the Damaje clubhouse as the team decided to re-allocate lockers according to the starting line-up's fielding rating. The Damaje added Josh Donaldson and Yoenis Cespedes in an effort to remedy the team's recent slide. This left Bradley as the only starter without at least a very good rating and the second to last pick Bradley protested vehemently that he has an excellent arm, but the other fielders just scoffed about how he gets to use it more often since so many balls fall into his area. "But I'm a gold glove finalist!" Bradley was heard to scream. Shortstop Crawford reportedly answered that he should tell it to Ortiz and returned to polishing his gold gloves.

Is Diamond MInd Broken or Does it Just Hate ME?

AREA 51 (SAP): Great Pitching Staff. Check Good Relief Corp. Check Abreu, Cespedes, Donaldson, Sano Check. 16-23 with .617 OPS WTF Best hitter Darwin Barney
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Trade completed between Storm Damaje and Fear the Beards!

CPBL HEADQUARTERS (SAP): A trade has been completed between Storm Damaje and Fear the Beards!:
Storm Damaje receives Bedrosian,Cam from Fear the Beards!
Storm Damaje receives Porcello,Rick from Fear the Beards!
Fear the Beards! receives Peralta,David
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