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    League transaction log -- AHBL17
    Regular season

    4/4/2017NIHPhamPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/4/2017NIHSchwarberDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/4/2017St5AlmoraPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/4/2017St5KiermaierPlaced on disabled list 4/4/2017Before
    4/10/2017KCCDe La CruzSigned  Before
    4/10/2017KCCGriffinPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/10/2017KCCRefsnyderReleased  Before
    4/10/2017KCCSeverino,LDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/10/2017MBHNavarroPlaced on disabled list 4/9/2017Before
    4/10/2017MBHVazquezPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/11/2017MidBarrettPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/11/2017MidRamos,APlaced on disabled list 4/11/2017Before
    4/11/2017NTSGiavotellaPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/11/2017NTSMerrifieldPlaced on disabled list 4/8/2017Before
    4/12/2017St5BedrosianPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/12/2017St5DiekmanDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/14/2017LASStewart,BPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/14/2017LASVincentPlaced on disabled list 4/14/2017Before
    4/14/2017MBHGeePromoted to active roster  Before
    4/14/2017MBHGonzalez,GPlaced on disabled list 4/13/2017Before
    4/14/2017NTSGiavotellaDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/14/2017NTSTomlinsonPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/18/2017KCCGriffinDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/18/2017KCCNeshekDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/18/2017KCCPetit,YPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/18/2017KCCRodriguez,FePromoted to active roster  Before
    4/19/2017ADDRutledgePromoted to active roster  Before
    4/19/2017ADDThompson,TDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/19/2017St5AlmoraDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/19/2017St5AlmoraPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/19/2017St5Alvarez,PDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/19/2017St5KiermaierActivated from disabled list  Before
    4/20/2017St5KuhlPlaced on disabled list 4/20/2017Before
    4/20/2017St5Wood,APromoted to active roster  Before
    4/21/2017BeaFlynnPlaced on disabled list 4/21/2017Before
    4/21/2017BeaGonzalez,SPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/21/2017St5Hardy,JPlaced on disabled list 4/21/2017Before
    4/21/2017St5Pena,RPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/24/2017BroBuchholzDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/24/2017BroGray,SPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/24/2017BrxKrolDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/24/2017BrxThompson,JPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/24/2017BrxTriggsPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/24/2017BrxUrenaPlaced on disabled list 4/18/2017Before
    4/24/2017NTSMerrifieldActivated from disabled list  Before
    4/24/2017NTSTomlinsonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/25/2017MBHNavarroActivated from disabled list  Before
    4/25/2017MBHVazquezDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/25/2017MidHeadleyPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/25/2017MidPearcePlaced on disabled list 4/25/2017Before
    4/28/2017MidBarrettDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/28/2017MidRamos,AActivated from disabled list  Before
    5/1/2017BeaMcCutchenTraded awayCla After
    5/1/2017BeaOrtizAcquired via tradeCla After
    5/1/2017BroGray,SDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/1/2017BroSkaggsPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/1/2017ClaMelanconPlaced on disabled list 4/28/2017Before
    5/1/2017ClaVizcainoPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/1/2017ClaMcCutchenAcquired via tradeBea After
    5/1/2017ClaOrtizTraded awayBea After
    5/1/2017IndGalvisDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/1/2017IndLowriePromoted to active roster  Before
    5/1/2017MidGoodwinPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/1/2017MidSmith,SPlaced on disabled list 4/30/2017Before
    5/1/2017OntBautistaPlaced on disabled list 4/27/2017Before
    5/1/2017OntCessaPlaced on disabled list 4/28/2017Before
    5/1/2017OntMorinPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/1/2017OntReimoldPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/1/2017St5BruceDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/1/2017St5JoycePromoted to active roster  Before
    5/1/2017St5McCarthy,BPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/1/2017St5VelasquezPlaced on disabled list 4/30/2017Before
    5/3/2017MBHGonzalez,GActivated from disabled list  Before
    5/3/2017MBHNicasioDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    5/3/2017St5Norris,DaPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/3/2017St5SamardzijaPlaced on disabled list 5/3/2017Before
    5/3/2017WasBlashSigned  Before
    5/3/2017WasRufReleased  Before
    5/5/2017LouGsellmanPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/5/2017LouTeheranPlaced on disabled list 5/4/2017Before
    5/5/2017MidBarrettPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/5/2017MidFriedrichPlaced on disabled list 5/5/2017Before
    5/5/2017MidRayPlaced on disabled list 5/5/2017Before
    5/5/2017MidShaw,BPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/5/2017OntEflinPromoted to active roster  Before
    5/5/2017OntSanchez,AaPlaced on disabled list 5/3/2017Before
    5/5/2017St5KuhlActivated from disabled list  Before
    5/5/2017St5McCarthy,BDemoted to reserve roster  Before

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