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    League transaction log -- SABL
    Regular season

    3/30/2015BBTAlmontePromoted to active roster  Before
    3/30/2015BBTAnderson,ChDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    3/30/2015BBTGrilliDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    3/30/2015BBTMaldonadoPromoted to active roster  Before
    3/30/2015TLManciniSigned  Before
    3/30/2015TLManciniDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    3/30/2015TLOlson,MReleased  Before
    3/31/2015SIYClippardPromoted to active roster  Before
    3/31/2015SIYCorbinDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/2/2015NYKde la Rosa,RPromoted to active roster  Before
    4/2/2015PMKieboomReleased  Before
    4/2/2015PMVargas,JSigned  Before
    4/2/2015PMVargas,JDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/3/2015TLMartinez,JoSigned  Before
    4/3/2015TLMartinez,JoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
    4/3/2015TLStewart,BReleased  Before
    4/5/2015GHGGarzaPromoted to active roster  Before

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