When it is your turn in the stadium draft, there will be a selection box next to your team's name under the heading "Stadium Selection"

Draft PickTeam NameOwnerE-mail addressStadium Selection
1)Miami's Red Sox Gene Brunellgene8ball@yahoo.com Fenway Park - Bos
2)New York Cosmos Larry Bravelarrybrave@gmail.com Coors Field - Col
3)Garden State Warriors Bill Hansonwhanson@naihanson.com Safeco Field - Sea
4)Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Anthony Carpenterpirate23@roadrunner.com Miller Park - Mil
5)Rebel Yelich Sidd Finchsiddfinchsabl@gmail.com Kauffman Stadium - KC
6)THE PROFANE UNDERTONES John Baldwinelvisbanker@yahoo.com Wrigley Field - ChC
7)San Francisco TITANS Dustin Adamsdustinadams25@hotmail.com, AT&T Park - SF
8)Boca Raton Happy Hippos Unowned Teamcweyenberg@comcast.net PETCO Park - SD
9)Palm Beach Phillies Carlos Ricardo losiii@yahoo.com Dodger Std - LA
10)Fort Walton Beach Red Tide Jeff GivenJeff_Given@msn.com Angel Stadium - Ana
11)Anheuser Gryphons Brock Taylordbroncos0707@yahoo.com Busch Stadium - StL
12)Fox Cities Brewmeisters Bruce Rogalskarogal@tds.net Oriole Park at Camden Yards - Bal
13)Krusty Nosegoblins Randy Ashevolcanic25@yahoo.com Turner Field - Atl
14)Homestead Grays Unowned Teamcweyenberg@comcast.net Chase Field - Ari
15)Let Pete In Kevin Schjeisledge_14@hotmail.com Great American Ball Park - Cin
16)Portland Glad Dads Kevin Huntkevinhunt@rmdavis.com Yankee Stadium - NYY
17)Triple Threat Thomas R. Brileymister_ballgame@yahoo.com PNC Park - Pit
18)Rude Gus Brad Guytonguytonbrad@yahoo.com Comerica Park - Det
19)Pittsfield Goofballs steve sturmsamdjsturm@gmail.com Target Field - Min
20)Muncie Cardinals Mike Taitetigers84@hotmail.com Citi Field - NYM

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