SFMBL draft so far
Round 20
381. Muncie Cardinals Hendriks,Liam
382. Muncie Cardinals (via trade w/ Pittsfield Goofballs) Tonkin,Michael
383. Rude Gus Jackson,Austin
384. Triple Threat Gee,Dillon
385. Portland Glad Dads Refsnyder,Rob
386. Let Pete In Nimmo,Brandon
387. Homestead Grays Gomez,Jeanmar
388. Krusty Nosegoblins Pena,Ramiro
389. Fox Cities Brewmeisters Kintzler,Brandon
390. Anheuser Gryphons Owens,Henry
391. Fort Walton Beach Red Tide Smoak,Justin
392. Palm Beach Phillies Soto,Geovany
393. Boca Raton Happy Hippos Butler,Billy
394. San Francisco TITANS Sanchez,Carlos
396. Rebel Yelich Scribner,Evan
397. Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Bettis,Chad
398. Muncie Cardinals (via trade w/ Garden State Warriors) Gosselin,Phil
399. New York Cosmos Beckham,Gordon
400. Miami's Red Sox Smith,Carson
Round 21
401. Miami's Red Sox Taylor,Michael
402. Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (via trade w/ New York Cosmos) Casilla,Santiago
403. Let Pete In (via trade w/ Garden State Warriors) Maldonado,Martin
404. Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Crisp,Coco
405. Rebel Yelich Socolovich,Miguel
406. Pittsfield Goofballs (via trade w/ THE PROFANE UNDERTONES) Canha,Mark
407. San Francisco TITANS Smolinski,Jake
408. Boca Raton Happy Hippos Lind,Adam
409. Krusty Nosegoblins (via trade w/ Palm Beach Phillies) Mathis,Jeff
410. Fort Walton Beach Red Tide Iannetta,Chris
411. New York Cosmos (via trade w/ Anheuser Gryphons) Greene,Shane
412. Fox Cities Brewmeisters Gillaspie,Conor
413. Krusty Nosegoblins Bailey,Homer
414. Homestead Grays Howard,Ryan
415. Let Pete In Kieboom,Spencer
416. Portland Glad Dads Alonso,Yonder
417. Triple Threat Partch,Curtis
418. Rude Gus Vizcaino,Arodys
419. Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (via trade w/ Pittsfield Goofballs) Raburn,Ryan
420. Muncie Cardinals Hernandez,Marco

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