SFMBL draft so far
Round 5
81. Miami's Red Sox Cobb,Alex
82. New York Cosmos Herrmann,Chris
83. Garden State Warriors Anderson,Tim
84. Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Gregerson,Luke
85. Rebel Yelich Harris,Will
87. Jax Mighty Whitey's Perdomo,Luis
88. Boca Raton Happy Hippos Broxton,Keon
89. Palm Beach Phillies Baez,Pedro
90. Fort Walton Beach Red Tide Dyson,Sam
91. New York Cosmos (via trade w/ Anheuser Gryphons) Young,Chris
92. Fox Cities Brewmeisters Wieters,Matt
93. Krusty Nosegoblins Neris,Hector
94. Homestead Grays Valencia,Danny
95. Let Pete In Castro,Jason
96. Portland Glad Dads Buchter,Ryan
97. Triple Threat Smyly,Drew
98. Rude Gus Andriese,Matt
99. Pittsfield Goofballs Lugo,Seth
100. Muncie Cardinals Polanco,Jorge
Round 6
101. Muncie Cardinals Orlando,Paulo
102. Pittsfield Goofballs Pence,Hunter
103. Rude Gus Wong,Kolten
104. New York Cosmos (via trade w/ Triple Threat) Logan,Boone
105. Portland Glad Dads Kelley,Shawn
106. Let Pete In Hundley,Nick
107. Homestead Grays Zunino,Mike
108. Krusty Nosegoblins Flynn,Brian
109. Fox Cities Brewmeisters Cishek,Steve
110. New York Cosmos (via trade w/ Anheuser Gryphons) Rusin,Chris
111. Fort Walton Beach Red Tide Shaw,Travis
112. Palm Beach Phillies Descalso,Daniel
113. Boca Raton Happy Hippos Ross,David
114. Jax Mighty Whitey's Siegrist,Kevin
115. THE PROFANE UNDERTONES has been up for 29 minutes, 32 seconds
116. Rebel Yelich
117. Wisconsin Timber Rattlers
118. Garden State Warriors
119. New York Cosmos
120. THE PROFANE UNDERTONES (via trade w/ Miami's Red Sox)

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