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2) Send USERNAME (keep password private) along with the LEAGUE/TEAM NAME you want to claim (an updated listing of our OPEN teams are found below) to: (you can also CC
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4) Once received we will transfer the team to your control and you can enjoy in all the fun!
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A short DESCRIPTION of the leagues that are available and can be found by clicking on the BASEBALL link at the left.  For more in depth details, click on the appropriate league link and read the constitution of the appropriate league OR e-mail the league commissioner.


Available Baseball Teams
Team League Draft Pick
Alcatraz Death DealersAHBL16
Rougned Odor EatersAHBL5
Hastleton HoundsRTBL18
Berea PiratesRTBL1
Reading BulldogsRTBL8
Lexington LegendsRTBL10
Buckeye WombatsRTBL20
Pennsy PolecatsRTBL3
New York KnightsSABL10
Balco Beta_TestsSABL8
South Side SlingersSABL19
Staten Island YankeesSABL6
Milwaukee MunstersSABL2
Edgerton EaglesCPBL12
Cleveland DawgsCPBL5
Raleigh RevivalistsCPBL8
Penn PoundersCPBL15
Homestead GraysSFMBL14
Boca Raton Happy HipposSFMBL8
Ballantine BlastMAMBL14
South Bay SmokeMAMBL17
Boston BeernutsMAMBL12
St. Louis Spooky MuldersMAMBL5
Washington GeorgesMAMBL13
Los Angeles Rally MonkeysMAMBL3
California CorporalsTSBL6
Motor City MustangsTSBL13
New York MetropolitansTSBL5
Hamilton County HawksTSBL4
Pittsburgh BlowTSBL12
Boston MinutemenTSBL1
Houston WehaveaproblemTSBL11
Milwaukee Ragin BovineTSBL10

The Sports Attic offers the sports simulation enthusiast a chance to join leagues with other fanatics in different sports arenas.

Click on the appropriate link on the left and you will be on your way to building your franchise into a dynasty. Join as many leagues as you like. There is an ANNUAL LEAGUE FEE to play in our attic but you can earn discounts.

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