Pitching Rotation Lineup vs. LHP Lineup vs. RHP

Batting Lineup vs lhp
Position Player Statistics % Used
1 Right FieldAoki,Nori PA:108 OBP:.299 SLG:.258
2 Left FieldGordon,Alex PA:159 OBP:.308 SLG:.357
3 Designated HitterCasali,Curt PA:81 OBP:.309 SLG:.438
4 Catcherd'Arnaud,Travis PA:64 OBP:.266 SLG:.190
5 Third BaseLawrie,Brett PA:71 OBP:.310 SLG:.493
6 ShortstopSuarez,Eugenio PA:144 OBP:.354 SLG:.528
7 Second BaseSweeney,Darnell PA: OBP: SLG:
8 First BaseCron,C.J. PA:101 OBP:.287 SLG:.387
9 Center FieldSpan,Denard PA:204 OBP:.284 SLG:.283

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